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10 Simple Office Safety Tips

An office environment is relatively safe when compared to workplaces like factories and  construction sites. However, accidents happen routinely in offices—often when workers are preoccupied. Thousands of people are hurt in office accidents each year, and as many as 300-400 people die as a result. Many accidents could be prevented by following these ten common sense office safety tips:

  1. Slow down and be aware of your surroundings in order to avoid colliding with another person, tripping, or falling.
  2. Keep papers, boxes, and equipment off the floor to prevent co-workers from slipping or tripping over them.
  3. Keep phone cords, extension cords, and cables away from foot traffic areas where people must step over them.
  4. Keep heavy items in the bottom drawer of file cabinets—heavy items in the top drawer might cause the file cabinet to tip over when opened. For the same reason, be sure to close one file cabinet drawer before opening another.
  5. Keep the legs of your chair on the floor—leaning backwards so far that your chair legs raise off the floor can cause a serious fall.
  6. Use a ladder to reach items located above your head. Trying to stretch to reach something or standing on a chair or other piece of furniture can cause a serious fall or bring heavy items down on top of you.
  7. Pay attention when pouring a cup of coffee or tea to prevent being scalded by hot liquid.
  8. Hold onto the handrails when using the stairs.
  9. Lift heavy objects carefully—and be sure to use safe lifting techniques. If something is too heavy for you to lift alone, ask for help.
  10. Watch out for slippery spots, and clean up spills immediately.

The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers are committed to promoting workplace safety and recommend you follow the simple office safety tips listed above in order to help reduce the occurrence of office accidents. If the worst happens, and you are seriously injured on the job, contact a workers’ compensation attorney toll-free at (717) 888-8888 for a free consultation from one of our injury lawyers.

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