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Lancaster Nursing Home – Scene of Resident on Resident Sexual Assault

Maple Farm Nursing Home was the location of a horrible crime recently.

Glenn Hershey, 65, of Akron, PA is believed to have sexually assaulted another resident in the nursing home where he lived.  Mr. Hershey is a registered sex offender.

So basically, a registered sex offender is a resident in a nursing home and has some kind of sexual contact with another resident who had alzheimer’s disease.  The news article from ABC 27 said, that Hershey, “was not allowed to have private meetings with the woman…”

A nursing home is supposed to be just that, your home.  Residents expect to be protected.  They are there because they have infirmities, and they need help.  There are always two sides to every story, but this one is looking very bad.  If it turns out that it is true that the extent of the protection the nursing home offered this poor woman was to encourage the registered sex offender not to spend time with her privately, this is a tragedy which could have been prevented.

Surely there will be more information to come on this situation.

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Joe Chapman

January 22, 2013