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Schmidt Kramer Congratulates the Keystone Kraken on its First CPIHL Viola Cup Win

The Kraken high school hockey team The Keystone Kraken high school hockey team played against Central York in the CPIHL Championship game on Wednesday, March 1st, and it proved to be an exciting game for both teams!

According to the Longview News-Journal, top-seeded Central York took the lead during the first 25 seconds of the game when they scored the first goal. Before the first period of the game had completed, the Central York Panthers were ahead with a 5 to 1 lead over the Kraken.

Although not expected to win, the players on the Kraken’s team worked together and fought their way back to an astounding finish. Scoring goal after goal, the Kraken gained the ground they needed.

What was the end result? The Keystone Kraken achieved an 8-5 victory, taking home the coveted CPIHL Viola Cup. Just goes to show the results you can achieve when you have a great team pulling together for the big finish.

Schmidt Kramer sends a “shout out” to the Kraken on their victorious win, including Peyton Mehring. Peyton is the daughter of Schmidt Kramer bookkeeper Sherrie Mehring and was also the starting goalie for the game. Along with the rest of the team, Peyton contributed her talents to the game and the Kraken’s first-time win of the Viola Cup.

Congratulations to the Keystone Kraken!