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Jury Awards $250,000 in UIM Pa Car Case Against State Farm

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

Schmidt Kramer’s Mike Kosik successfully pursued an underinsured motorist case this week in Harrisburg federal court against State Farm. After reaching a settlement with the driver responsible for the accident, a claim for underinsured motorist benefits was pursued against the clients own insurance policy. The claim was pursued because the other driver was underinsured and the client were not fully compensated. State Farm refused to settle and after suit was filed removed the case to the Federal Middle District of Pennsylvania.

State Farm made several small offers of settlement which were rejected by the clients and the case proceeded to a jury trial this week in Harrisburg Middle District Court. The jury rejected State Farm’s position and awarded $250,000 against State Farm which the court molded to $150,000 based on the previous settlement.

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