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Joe Chapman Presents at 20th Annual Elder Law Institute

Elder Law Institute programOn Friday, July 21st, Joe Chapman was one of the lecturers at the 20th Annual Elder Law Institute presented by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the education arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He did a primer for elder law attorneys on nursing home neglect cases. This is where he spends a great deal of his time in practice. The one hour seminar began with Joe giving an example of a recent case he handled and settled within about ten months. Then, recognizing the attorneys had been sitting for over a day and a half straight, he asked what the attorneys wanted to learn in the program. More than fifty minutes later, the questions were cut off because the time for his session expired. The other attorneys asked thoughtful questions which allowed for practical, meaningful answers.

Joe wants to thank Dana Breslin, one of his colleagues, and Barb Thornton at PBI for involving him. It was a privilege he did not take lightly.

Schmidt Kramer soberly takes on the nursing homes who do not follow the rules and injure their residents who they have promised to care for. This is a duty of great weight carried with honor.