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JAMA Study Shows Providers Are Profiting Off Their Own Mistakes – Why?

According to an April 17 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), health care providers profit from their own mistakes and negligence because they get paid by insurers for longer patient stays and the extra care that is required to treat surgical complications that may have well been prevented. The JAMA study analyzed nine common surgical procedures and 10 major complications across four payer types.

The study is based on a detailed analysis of 34,256 patient records involving those who had surgery in the year 2010 at one of 12 hospitals. Of those records, the study found that 1,820 patients or 5 percent suffered one or more complications that could have been prevented such as blood clots, pneumonia or infected wounds. The hospitals then ted because the median length of stay for patients who suffered complications quadrupled to 14 days and hospital revenues shot up from $18,900 per patient to $49,400.

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