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Injury In Johnstown Police Car Crash

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

A Johnstown officer was hurt after a head on collision in the city’s West End.

Johnstown Police Captain Andy Frear said the chase began in Dale Borough when a green stolen car was spotted.  That was around 11:00 Thursday morning.

The stolen car was in a high speed police pursuit through the West End neighborhood when it hit head on with a Johnstown police cruiser.  Frear said the stolen car was driven by Kevin Plummer went up over the curb hit a building before stopping.  It happened near the intersection of D Street and Fairfield Avenue.

“We are investigating the incident,” said Frear. 

Plummer is accused of stealing the car from Richland Township.

Both Plummer and the officer were taken to Memorial Medical, both have been released, Plummer is in police custody.

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