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Ikea Offering Fixes for Dangerous Malm Drawers and Chests

Ikea malm drawer dangersFollowing the death of two young children, Ikea is providing free repair kits for its Malm Drawers and chests.

The pieces of furniture are not being recalled, the company is providing a kit that will include wall-anchoring hardware, restraints to prevent the furniture from tipping over, and instructions on using the kit to secure the chests and drawers.

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Ikea have banded together to offer the free repair kit that will help consumers anchor the furniture to their walls, as well as keep the drawers shut.

Two cases wherein children were fatally injured occurred when the drawers were not secured to the wall. In February 2015, a two-year-old died after one of the drawer sets in the home tipped over and pinned him between the bed and drawers. Just four months later, a 23-month-old child also died when the drawers tipped over onto the toddler.

In addition to the fatalities, four injuries have been reported among a total of 14 instances of Malm drawers and chests tipping over.

According to the CPSC, every two weeks, a child dies from furniture or TVs tipping over. The CPSC and Ikea urge consumers to request repair kits and ensure their furniture is safe. Approximately 27 million of these dangerous units have been sold over the years. Ikea knows of at least three instances since 1989 where deaths from tip-overs involving other, similar models have occurred.

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