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Gay Marriage May Impact Your Pa. Auto Insurance Premiums By Lowering Them

With the ruling this past Tuesday that allows Pennsylvania to issue licenses for gay marriage, there will be a lot of changes in the insurance industry.  One change will be how people who obtain a gay marriage can reduce their insurance premiums.  Not all companies reduce car insurance premiums for married drivers, but several companies offer significant reductions on your insurance rate if you’re married.

There are many other discounts and benefits which the spouses will be eligible for.  A review of all insurance policies, not only auto, is recommended.  However, the first immediate change with most policies will be a reduction in the premiums since the insureds are married.

The reason for this is because, statistically speaking, people who are married tend to be safer drivers than their single counterparts (just as older drivers are typically safer drivers than teenagers).

If you marry make sure you look into receiving a discount on your car insurance.