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Harrisburg Workers’ Comp Attorney Reports on Work-Related Burn Injuries Sustained in Fire

May 18, 2012

A fire that broke out Wednesday at a Worcester, Pennsylvania, duplex severely injured a 37-year-old man who was working on renovating the place. reports that the fire, which occurred at 10 Ormond Street, began with an explosion that the shook the two-family home. The cause of the explosion is not known.

At the time, the worker was on the first floor gluing tiles in a bathroom. Authorities believe the glue may have ignited, because witnesses say the victim ran out of the building with his clothes on fire and bad burns on his hands and arms.

The building was soon smothered in flames, but firefighters quickly put the blaze out.

The man was taken to the trauma center at UMass Memorial Medical Center in an ambulance with burns on 10 percent of his body.

Two females inside the property escaped without injury.

Police are investigating the fire and noted that this was the second property owned by the same landlord that’s been lost to a two-alarm fire in the past two months.

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