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Harrisburg Attorneys Explain How Ejected Wheel Was Responsible for the Death of PA Woman

May 31, 2012

A wheel thrown off of a moving trailer on a Pennsylvania highway was found to be responsible for the death of a 32-year-old woman. According to WHTM 27 News, the accident occurred in the early morning hours of March 23 along Route 283 in Lancaster County.

Reports from police indicate that a North Lawrence, Ohio, man was hauling a 31-foot livestock utility trailer behind his truck as he drove east on Route 283 through heavy fog on the morning of the accident. As he approached the Hershey Road exit, one of the wheels from the trailer came loose. The wheel then traveled across the median before bouncing into the air and striking the 2009 Honda Accord the victim was driving. The wheel went through the windshield and struck the woman, killing her instantly.

It wasn’t until hours later that the driver of the truck realized he had lost the wheel because of dual tires on the axle of the trailer; however, once he discovered his vehicle might have been responsible for the accident, he contacted police. He has since been charged with four crimes in connection with the accident.

The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers with Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers would like to point out the importance of stopping and rendering aid if you’re involved in a Pennsylvania car accident. Failure to do so could result in being charged with additional crimes in connection to the accident.

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