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Hanover Hit and Run Pa. Car Accident In Crosswalk Injury

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

Police are asking for help in the investigation of a hit and run accident. The Hanover Evening Sun is reporting that a Hanover man was flown to an area hospital for serious injuries following a hit-and-run crash early this past week.  According to reports, Scott Maitland, 50, was struck by a 2011 Honda Accord while he was crossing a pedestrian-marked crosswalk in the 900 block of High Street outside the Utz Quality Foods factory at 1:32 a.m., police said.

The driver failed to stop at the scene and drove north on High Street.  Maitland is an Utz Potato Chip Factory employee, Hanover Police Lieutenant Chad Martin said Thursday, and was on break when he was hit by the vehicle. Maitland is in stable condition as of 2 p.m. last Thursday.

Pennsylvania State Police assisted in locating the Honda this morning. Police did not name the driver but described him as a 33-year-old Abbottstown man.

Hanover police are asking for information on the ongoing investigation and can be contacted through 911 or 717-637-5575.

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