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The Qualifications for Social Security Disability Due to Anxiety Disorders

Physical disorders are often much easier to prove then those that are mental. Physical issues are typically in plain sight, allowing those around you to see that you indeed have such an ailment. When you have to prove that an anxiety disorder is preventing you from being able to go to work every day and make the money you need to survive, you may run into trouble. Here, an attorney discusses what you’ll need to possibly qualify to receive Lancaster Social Security disability.

To Receive Benefits for Your Anxiety Disorder, You’ll Need to Prove

  • That the attacks occur frequently—likely weekly or more often
  • That the attacks cause fear, terror, and apprehension
  • That the attacks are unpredictable and sudden
  • That the attacks cause problems related to daily activities, leaving your home, focusing on tasks, and social functioning

You will also need to provide documentation regarding your disorder from a medical professional, such as a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor. The documents should include details of your disorder, including how often you get panic attacks, their length, and common causes. Additionally, the notes should also discuss the limitations your disorder causes, as well as any medications you are taking to resolve the issue.

The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer have helped many clients just like you get the Lancaster Social Security disability they need in order to make ends meet. We may be able to do the same for you. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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