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Gas Cap Blows Off and Ignites Carlisle Worker

Posted on Sep 12, 201

On Thursday, August 9, 2012, at about 9:30AM, South Middleton Township emergency crews responded to a call at the scene of a construction project near Spring Garden Estates in the Carlisle Borough, Pennsylvania.

According to South Middleton Township emergency services manager, Ron Hamilton, workers were getting ready to pour concrete to install a gutter when the skid loader operator smelled gasoline. He noticed fumes around the gas cap and walked over to open the cap, hoping to relieve the pressure. Before he could do so, the lid blew off and doused him in gasoline. The gasoline ignited and he was covered in flames.

He lay burning in the grass until a worker—who was operating the concrete mixer—grabbed a garden hose and put out the fire.

The victim was flown to a Bayview Hospital in Baltimore via Life Lion to be treated for severe burns. Although he suffered burns on 25% of his body, officials say his injuries are not life threatening.

A Carlisle burn injury attorney at Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers has been following this case closely. Our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers and support staff are  saddened to learn of the severe burns suffered by the victim and hopes his injuries heal quickly.

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