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Fatal Multi-Vehicle Crash in York County

When you’re driving down the highway at high speeds, you aren’t really expecting to encounter something in the road. However, unfortunately, that’s just what caused a deadly accident in York recently. And what was the actual cause? It was a mattress, poorly secured to a car, that went flying. Most people have had to move a mattress at one time or another, but very few have probably considered the fact that not taking the time to properly fasten it can cause a fatal auto accident. 

The crash took place on Interstate 83, right around mile marker 22 in Manchester Township. Brian Jacobs was driving a truck for S&W Petroleum Services when he noticed the mattress lying in the right hand lane. He started to slow down, but a tractor-trailer behind him had not noticed and wasn’t able to stop in time to avoid hitting Jacobs’ truck. The tractor-trailer ran into the back of Jacobs’ truck, which sent him into the back other another truck. The collision caused a fire that engulfed Jacobs’ truck. Jacobs was killed, and another truck driver and the tractor-trailer driver were both taken to York Hospital. The driver who lost the mattress on the roadway did stay at the scene of the accident and has been cooperating with police. 

At Schmidt Kramer, we extend our most heartfelt condolences to Mr. Jacobs’ loved ones, as well as the other victims who were injured in this unfortunate accident.

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