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Man Dies in Harrisburg Construction Accident

helmet in warehouseA 59-year-old man died on Feb. 11, 2017 after falling from the third floor balcony of a construction site where he was working.

The investigation revealed that the victim had stepped onto the balcony to take a break, when he leaned against the railing that gave way and caused him to fall three stories before hitting the pavement.

The incident, which occurred at a residence on the 800 block of N. 2nd Street, has been ruled as an accident by investigators.

Construction Accident Numbers

Accidents occur regularly in the construction industry and the constant presence of hazardous conditions pose a direct threat to workers’ safety.

In 2015, there were 4,836 workplace fatalities, averaging more than 13 deaths each day. Out of the 4,379 worker fatalities that occurred during the 2015 calendar year, 937 were construction workers. More than one-in-five workplace deaths were attributed to accidents that occurred on construction sites.

Workers in the construction industry are susceptible to four major types of accidents, referred to as the “Fatal Four:”

1. Falls: 364 fatalities in 2015 (38.8 percent)

2. Struck by object: 90 fatalities in 2015 (9.6 percent)

3. Electrocution: 81 fatalities in 2015 (8.6 percent)

4. Caught-in/between: 67 fatalities in 2015 (7.2 percent)

These accidents were responsible for more than half (64.2 percent) of the deaths that occurred in the construction industry during 2015.

By eliminating these types of accidents, it would save the lives of 602 U.S. workers each year.

Why You Should Hire a Construction Accident Attorney

Employers of every industry are responsible for ensuring their employees are safe while working. This includes preventing injuries by providing safety training and protection from any dangerous conditions that might exist in the work environment.

If an employer neglects to uphold these standards, and an accident occurs that results in a serious injury or death, he or she can be held liable.

An accomplished attorney will have the knowledge and experience to understand the violations that were committed and can help file a claim that may provide compensation and justice to the victim or his or her surviving loved ones.

At Schmidt Kramer, our Harrisburg construction accident attorneys can help victims or their families file a claim against an employer whose failure to provide a safe workplace resulted in a tragic accident.

We understand the pain and suffering that you experience after a devastating accident, and we will not charge you any fees unless we successfully recover compensation or a fair outcome for your claim. Our attorneys can discuss the circumstances surrounding your claim through a free, no obligation consultation and explore any legal options you may have.

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