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Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire, scene for Hepatitis C infection from Cardiac Catherization Lab

A man, David Kwiatkowski, was arrested today in Massachusetts after stealing fentanyl in syringes and then placing the syringes where they would be used on patients. More than 30 people have been infected with Hepatitis C, a disease the man carried since June 2010. There are other states involved, and the investigation is ongoing. If there is a hospital in Pennsylvania which was involved, the hospital may have some serious explaining to do.

If a Pennsylvania hospital used this travelling technician, and did not research his history properly, or should have seen signs that he was unable to perform his duties with indications he was using drugs, then there may be a basis for negligence claims against the hospital.

The personal injury lawyers at Schmidt Kramer are concerned for the welfare of patients in Pennsylvania when stories like this break. If you or your loved one were affected by this problem, call us to discuss your legal options. Hepatitis C is a serious chronic health problem, and the medical malpractice that allowed it to occur may be the basis for a lawsuit. Schmidt Kramer is a personal injury law firm in central PA which practices throughout the Commonwealth.

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