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Three Things You Need to Know Before Filing for Social Security Disability If You Have Epilepsy

You have a serious medical condition as evidenced by the amount of time you spend at the doctor’s office, the medications that you take, and your medical bills. But is your epilepsy disabling? Will the Social Security Administration (SSA) consider you disabled and find that you qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

Before You File Know This

Not everyone with epilepsy is going to qualify for Social Security disability. That said, some epileptics will be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. Those who qualify may have either convulsive epilepsy or non-convulsive epilepsy. Both conditions are included in Section 11 of the SSA’s Listing of Impairments. When determining your eligibility, the SSA may consider:

  • The frequency and duration of your seizures
  • How long you have been on medication and how that medication affects your condition
  • Whether you have worked and paid into the Social Security system

It is important to file a complete and accurate application for Social Security disability benefits with the SSA. If you fail to do so, your initial application may be denied, and you may need to go through the appeals process to get the benefits you deserve.

Please Help Raise Awareness

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. There are millions of Americans living with this serious health condition, and many of them are not aware that they could qualify for Social Security disability. Our Social Security disability lawyers hope that you will help raise awareness by sharing this with everyone you know who may have epilepsy and by posting this blog post directly on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media site.