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Joe Chapman Presents On Handling Pennsylvania Dog Bite Cases

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

Yesterday I handled the Plaintiff Perspective section of a larger seminar where the topic was Handling the Dog Bite Case.  The seminar was put on by PBI which is the main provider of lawyer training in the commonwealth.  It was designed to provide lawyers who represent clients on either side of a dog bite case to understand the basic law and practicalities involved.

An attorney who handles the dog bite case for an injured person has some very specific steps to do in order to maximize the result for their client.  Having successfully resolved a dog bite case involving a Mastiff and also a much less “scary” type dog, I was in a unique position to share the Plaintiffs’ perspective on these types of cases.

The seminar panel included a veterinarian, a dog law officer, and a dog trainer.  Their thoughts on how dogs react and how an owner of a dog can avoid the bite were very interesting and useful in the injured person’s case.  

If you have been bitten by a pit bull terrier, a Rottweiler, or a Doberman; and need to convince the insurance company they should pay, I would be glad to speak with you.  The severity of the bites by these types of dogs can be very serious and your medical treatment extensive.  Other dogs bite more frequently, and the healing process can be long and painful.  

At Schmidt Kramer we are not only prepared to work with you if you or a loved one was hurt by a dog, but we are recognized for our knowledge and invited to speak in the type of seminar I did yesterday.  A dog bite attorney is only a call away, (717) 888-8888.