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I-78 Pileup Kills Three, Injures 73

winter weather driving conditionsSixty vehicles, including tractor trailers and personal cars, were involved in a massive pileup on Interstate 78 in Bethel Township on Saturday, Feb. 13. A sudden snow squall moving across the highway caused the deadly crash that killed three and injured 73 people.

Witnesses and those involved in the accident reported clear driving conditions before blowing snow caused an almost total white-out.

One person involved in the accident reported suddenly not being able to see anything but the taillights of the vehicle ahead of him. As he slowed down, he was hit from behind.

According to Lebanon County 911, the accident occurred around 9:45 a.m. Dispatchers reported that the interstate was shut down in both directions near Fredericksburg and Route 22 and remained closed for a majority of the day.

Approximately 60 vehicles were piled together in the center of the interstate, many crumpled, crushed and overturned. Small cars were mixed in with large semi-trucks.

Several travelers were taken in critical condition to nearby hospitals in Reading, Hershey and other locations. Four LifeLion medical helicopters were called to the scene, though dispatchers reported that only three landed.

Many people involved in the accident huddled in the back of tractor trailers and vans waiting for help. The Red Cross of Central Pennsylvania even arrived at the scene to provide blankets, food and water to those involved in the crash.

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