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Data Breach of Vendor Exposes Personal Information of Fulton Bank Customers

system hacked over screen with code on itThere was a data breach affecting private customer information from Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Fulton Bank. Hackers were able to breach the servers at Overby-Seawell Co., a Fulton Bank vendor that does property insurance validation.

The breach gave the hackers access to names, addresses, Social Security numbers and personal customer information for more than 100,000 customers. This incident was reported to the attorney general of Maine. The breach started on May 26 but it was not discovered until July. The breach did not affect servers and other business systems at Fulton Bank.

Overby-Seawell sent letters to the affected customers on August 30. The letters explained the data breach and also offered free credit monitoring services from digital privacy company IDX for two years.

It is not known how many customers in Pennsylvania were affected by the breach – Fulton Financial headquarters are in Lancaster, Pa. An Overby-Seawell spokesperson did not respond to a question about how the breach affects customers in Pennsylvania.

If you are a Fulton Bank customer and are concerned about your personal information being involved in the data breach, you can call IDX at 833-423-2938. You can also visit the IDX website for information.