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Court Holds That Trailed Vehicle Is A “Motor Vehicle” For Insurance Purposes

Below is the link to the Superior Court opinion from November 27, 2012 in Barnes v. Keller, — A.3d — (Pa. Super. Nov. 28, 2012) which reverses a Judge Tereshko Order which determined that a person was not entitled to uninsured (UM) motorist coverage when they were struck by an unidentified vehicle while they are working while operating the jetter which is attached to a tractor. He held that the jetter attached to the tractor was not a motor vehicle.

The Superior Court reverses and writes that an unattached trailer is NOT a motor vehicle. Also, there is no doubt that a truck tractor IS a motor vehicle. However, the court ends up resolving the unanswered question of whether the resulting tractor trailer is a motor vehicle. Applying the liberal and broad purpose of UM coverage and relying upon Callahan v. Federal Kemper Insurance Co., 568 A.2d 264 (Pa. Super. 1989) the court concludes that a trailed vehicle can be a motor vehicle for UM purposes. The trial court opinion on the issue is reversed.

What are your thoughts on whether the injured person was “occupying” the jetter?

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