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Client-Attorney Privilege

Q: Who holds the “privilege?”
A: The client. An attorney can release information only with authorization from the client.

Q: So, clients can trust their attorneys with confidential information?
A: Yes. An attorney may not reveal anything disclosed without client consent.

Q: Why?
A: Regulations governing evidence and rules of professional conduct require that attorneys maintain all specifics of a client-attorney relationship as strictly confidential.

Q: Should clients tell their attorneys everything?
A: Yes. It’s important to fully disclose all the relevant details of a case to a lawyer—positive and negative—so that counsel can represent the client confidently and appropriately.

Q: Why’s that?
A: A client’s failure to be fully candid may adversely affect a case if the attorney is surprised or blindsided by critical information coming from anyone but the client at any time in the case. If there are problems with conflicts of interest or ethics issues, the attorney will advise a client immediately.

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