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Common Causes of Neck Injuries That Require the Help of a Lawyer

The day began just like any other; you woke up, got dressed, and went to work. The day ended differently, however, as you were in excruciating pain. You experienced a neck injury at your place of employment and are now in the emergency room speaking with doctors and nurses about your health. What happened? It may help you to know that neck injuries are common on-the-job injuries and many are caused by the same types of accident. Here, a West Shore workers’ comp lawyer takes a look at the most common reasons for the issue.

Blow to the Neck

You work in a warehouse, surrounded by heavy items. You do what you can to stay safe, but you couldn’t prevent a heavy box from falling off of the shelf and landing on your neck. The blow could have caused a pinched nerve or a ruptured disc.


Slipping and falling can hurt your neck in a variety of ways. Landing on your neck could certainly create issues and the ligaments and muscles can become strained or sprained by the way the neck moves during the fall.

Repetitive Motion

Not all neck injuries occur as the result of an accident. Performing the same motions repeatedly can create problems over time. For instance, constantly looking up or down and holding your head at an angle could result in pain—and problems down the road.

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