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Are You a Nurse Who Was Injured at Work? Here are Possible Reasons Why

If you are a nurse at any of the busy hospitals in York, such as York Hospital or Memorial Hospital, you know what hard work is. Busy hospitals such as these demand a lot from their employees, especially nurses.

Back, neck, and knee injuries are common occurrences for nurses in the workplace, causing many to have to either deal with the pain or find another kind of employment. Some are even forced to collect workers’ compensation because their injuries make it too difficult to work.

A Few Reasons Why Workplace Injuries Occur

People outside the nursing profession often don’t understand the physical demands the job entails. Along with mental stress, this job also puts a lot of stress on the body, which can cause injuries.

  • Long hours on their feet. Hospitals are often understaffed, causing nurses to do their jobs as well as the duties of several others. Nurses are usually too busy to take breaks or even sit down, which can cause pressure on their feet, legs, knees, backs, and necks. They can suffer from nerve or disc problems, which can cause extreme pain and discomfort.
  • Heavy lifting. Nurses are often responsible for moving patients around who can’t do it for themselves. These patients are often heavy and are placed in awkward positions. Having to lift up such a person can cause stress on the body. Nurses can either hurt themselves right then, or experience pain over time.
  • Repetitive motion. Changing dressings, giving injections, and even data entry at computer terminals involves repeated motion and repeated strain on specific muscle groups. Over time, the accumulated injury to muscles and ligaments causes inflammation, tissue damage, and chronic pain.

When You’re Too Injured to Work

Workers’ compensation is designed to help Pennsylvania employees receive income and medical care when they are in too much pain to work. If you are interested in receiving the benefits or are having trouble getting them, the Lancaster work injury attorneys of Schmidt Kramer may be able to help. Contact us today through our website chat feature, by filling out our online form, or by giving us a call to discuss your situation.

If you know a nurse, we encourage you to share this information with him or her!

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