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Information About Max Compensation Rate in PA

Many Pennsylvania workers will suffer a work-related injury or illness at some point in their career. As a result, they will need to take advantage of the workers’ compensation insurance carried by their employer. The insurance pays medical and wage loss expenses for an injured employee who is unable to work.

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When a worker is totally disabled and unable to work, the income loss benefit takes effect. It is calculated as two-thirds of the pre-injury average weekly wage up to a maximum amount. The maximum is the state average weekly wage, determined by the state of Pennsylvania.

The maximum workers’ compensation rate changes every year on January 1 to equal the state average weekly rate. This new maximum rate only applies to work-related injuries and illnesses that occur on or after the date upon which the rate takes effect. There is no provision for cost of living increases for workers’ compensation income loss benefits. Previous claims are unaffected by an increase in the workers’ compensation rate. 

The following list reflects the state average weekly wage—the maximum workers’ compensation income loss benefit—for the last five years:

  • 2007 – $779.00
  • 2008 – $807.00
  • 2009 – $836.00
  • 2010 – $845.00
  • 2011 – $858.00
  • 2012 – $888.00

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