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How Your Car Insurance May be Affected During and after COVID-19

reviewing auto insurance on cellphoneIt seems like the coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, including our driving habits. As many of us are driving less, we may have questions about car insurance, such as whether there are any discounts that may be available.

Below, review some of the most frequently asked questions policyholders have because of the pandemic. If you have questions about your car insurance, or a car insurance claim you have filed, our Harrisburg car accident lawyers are available to answer them in a free consultation, either over the phone or via video conferencing.

Can I Get a Discount Because I am Driving Less?

Some auto insurance companies have announced they will provide premium credits because policyholders are staying home and driving less. You can learn more by talking to your insurance company.

Am I Covered if I Use My Car for Deliveries?

Some have started using their vehicles to deliver food, merchandise or passengers and getting paid for it. In these situations, it is unlikely your car insurance will cover you if you get into an accident or cause damages to another person or vehicle. Driving for these purposes is generally considered business and is excluded from coverage.

Ridesharing companies provide coverage when you are making deliveries or transporting passengers for a fee. However, it can be confusing as to when coverage applies and how much may be available.

If My Child is Home from College, Do I Lose the Student-Away-at-School Discount?  

Insurance companies know college students often come home during the summer months, so you are unlikely to lose this discount if your child has been home because of the pandemic.

Should I Cancel or Suspend My Coverage?

Cancelling or suspending your coverage is generally a bad idea. For one thing, Pennsylvania requires you to maintain a minimum amount of coverage if you drive. Also, car insurance may cover damage not caused by a crash with another vehicle, such as weather damage or vandalism.

How Do I File a Claim?

You can contact one of our lawyers to discuss your claim and whether you may be eligible for compensation.

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