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Auto Airbag FRAUD

Drivers who are in accidents, purchase used cars, or visit “weekend” mechanics may be at risk of a very dangerous scam: airbag fraud.

Airbags are valuable, so some dishonest mechanics have removed and sold original airbags. Fraudulent mechanics replace bags with cheap knockoffs, rebuilt equipment, or even stuff cavities with rags—then replace covers. This exposes drivers and passengers to extreme accident-injury risk.


  • Get an inspection. Have a trusted mechanic verify that airbags are present and working properly.
  • Check dash lights. On recent models, dash lights blink at start-up, indicating that the airbag system is working.
  • Review invoices. After accident repairs, have mechanics certify that airbags have been replaced and are working.
  • Verify vehicle history. Obtain a commercial service report.
  • Never tamper. Opening airbag wells is dangerous.

If you have been injured by an airbag or if you feel you are a victim of airbag fraud, contact a personal injury lawyer at Schmidt Kramer to learn more about your legal options.