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Pennsylvanians Reminded of the Importance of the Office of the Attorney General

Scott CooperFollowing Kathleen Kane’s resignation as attorney general, a CBS 21 article is reminding Pennsylvania residents of the importance of the Office of the Attorney General and why it is so important that everyone vote in the November elections to determine an incoming office holder. Kane was convicted on Tuesday of abuse of the powers of her position.

According to Schmidt Kramer partner Scott Cooper, who was quoted in the article, most people do not understand the importance of the attorney general until he or she is needed.

He noted that this position is much more than serving as the “top cop” in the state and putting people in prison. This vital office oversees public corruption and fights for consumer protection.

A Democratic strategist also noted that this office has influence and authority over every level of government in determining the legality of the methods in which the state does business.

Cooper and others noted that the dark cloud that currently surrounds the office highlights the importance of voters turning out to vote for more than just president in November.

According to a Republican strategist, the new attorney general will have to restore professionalism and integrity to this important office.

On Tuesday, Kane announced her resignation from the office after a jury convicted her of leaking grand jury secrets and then lying about it under oath. The last two years of the first-term politician’s short political career has been wrought with controversy and turmoil as she feuded with officials inside and outside of her department. She was elected as attorney general in 2012.