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Are Pennsylvania Amusement Park Safety Records Being Accurately Tracked?

Many people do not know that Pennsylvania has more amusement park rides than any other state, with 9,300 registered rides. In June of this year, Gov. Tom Corbett said its safety is unmatched, because of the state’s rigorous ride-inspection program. But a PublicSource investigation shows that the state agency that oversees amusement parks doesn’t track the safety inspection reports that parks are required by law to file each month they are open.

State records show that more than half of Pennsylvania’s permanent parks and water parks did not turn in all of their 2012 reports — affidavits in which certified inspectors attest that they’ve performed the inspections required by law. The agency had no reports at all for 12 of the state’s 117

PublicSource is a nonprofit investigative news organization and a content partner of the York Daily Record/Sunday News. See more of their stories at  Locally, Hersheypark with 80 rides, filed all its required reports last year. The Fun Station, in the Poconos, did not file any, according to records provided in response to a Right-To-Know request. Read how York County venues say they’re up to date with their inspections.

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