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A PA Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains Bipolar Mania

Bipolar disorder affects about 2.6 percent of the U.S. adult population. The illness is characterized by extreme mood swings that oscillate between periods of intense energy (mania) and extreme sadness (depression)—negatively affecting every aspect of the sufferer’s life.

In the manic phase of the disease, people often feel energetic, creative, and euphoric. While that part of the disease feels good at first, it often spirals out of control. Following are some of the signs and symptoms of mania:

  • Feeling either optimistic and “high” or stressed and irritable
  • Suffering from insomnia, yet feeling very energetic
  • Feeling unable to concentrate and easily distracted
  • Demonstrating an inflated sense of self-esteem—feeling unrealistically important and powerful
  • Talking very rapidly
  • Jumping from one idea to the next
  • Exhibiting rash and reckless behavior without thinking about the consequences
  • Exercising impulsive behavior and poor judgment
  • Suffering from psychosis in severe cases—delusions (false beliefs), hallucinations (false perceptions), or both

While the idea of feeling energetic, creative, and productive sounds appealing, most of the symptoms of a manic episode do not result in a positive outcome—quite the opposite. Manic behavior most often results in difficulty getting along with others, difficulty accomplishing daily activities, and living with the personal and financial ramifications of impulsive behavior. If you suffer from a severe form of bipolar disorder and have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, we can help with your appeal. Contact a Harrisburg Social Security Disability lawyer at Schmidt Kramer today at (717) 888-8888. Our understanding and skilled attorneys will review your case and help obtain the benefits you are due.