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Hit-and-Run Driver Crashes Through Philadelphia 7-Eleven Storefront, Injures Worker

Posted Scott B. Cooper on May 14, 2012 in General

Police are still looking for a hit-and-run driver who sent a 7-Eleven worker barreling through the gas station’s storefront on Thursday, June 9, in Philadelphia.

The New York Daily News has surveillance footage of the incident, which shows a 24-year-old store clerk replacing a trash bag in a garbage can outside the 7-Eleven. He is then mowed over by a 2007 Dodge Caliber that pushes him through a window at the front of the store.
Footage shows two passengers immediately get out of the car. A male passenger quickly gets back in, while a female passenger strolls casually away from the scene. The Dodge then backs up and speeds away from the crash site.

The female passenger has been identified by police who got her to cough up the name of the driver—a 32-year-old nurse from Upper Darby. The driver has yet to turn herself in to police, though they did recover the Dodge Caliber on Wednesday.

“At this point we’ve been unable to contact [the hit-and-run driver]  and have her in for questioning,” Yeardon Police Det. Sgt. David Splain told NBC. “It would be my recommendation that [she] does come into the police department as soon as possible and deal with this problem.”

The 7-Eleven employee survived the accident but NBC Philadelphia reports that the man sustained leg injuries and hasn’t yet been able to return to work.
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