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Plan and Prepare Before Driving in Severe Harrisburg Winter Weather

Now that winter is upon us, driving conditions can become quite dangerous in Harrisburg and throughout Pennsylvania. Snow and ice can develop rapidly and make driving very hazardous.

If you must drive in severe weather, a little advance thought and preparation will keep you safer on the road. Keep the following tips in mind when preparing to drive in severe conditions:

  • Check the weather forecast and local travel advisories before leaving.
  • Make sure you have plenty of gas—at least half a tank.
  • Carry a fully charged cell phone and a winter emergency kit.
  • Remove snow and ice from the hood of your car, roof, windows, exterior lights and mirrors before you leave.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Ensure that someone knows when you left, where you are going, and what time you should arrive at your destination. This will help emergency workers to find you if you run into trouble on the road.
  •  If you are marooned on the highway, stay with your vehicle until help arrives. You may wish to run the engine for heat every hour, but make sure your tailpipe is clear and your downwind window is slightly open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is always best to stay off the roads when driving conditions are hazardous. However, following the tips listed above will help keep you safer if you must drive during severe winter weather.

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