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Nursing Home Neglect: How to Identify It?

When you realize that you can no longer provide the proper care for a loved one on your own, you may consider a nursing home. Abuse and neglect are two of the biggest fears that people have when considering a nursing home for a loved one. Families often worry about how well their mother, father, or great aunt will be treated. This, unfortunately, is a valid concern. Abuse and neglect both occur in nursing homes all across America, including here in Pennsylvania. Although neglect and abuse can take many different forms, they usually fall into one of four categories. The first category deals with bed sores; this usually involves a breakdown of skin caused by someone lying in one spot for too long. The second category deals with malnutrition and dehydration. If a patient isn’t getting proper nutrition, they are put at risk for many ailments. Medication-dosing errors is another common form of neglect. The last category involves falls. As people age, their balance becomes less steady, and falls become more likely. Because of this, it is important for caregivers to watch out for patients, in case of falls and resulting fractures.

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