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Is Your Workers Compensation Claim Being Handled Correctly?


In Pennsylvania, when you’re injured in the course of your employment while you are at work it’s considered a workman’s compensation claim. No one wants to be injured while working but if it happens there are options. There are specific rules to workman’s compensations claims that can get confusing. For example, if you don’t receive the proper paperwork. Another example is if claims are not filed in a timely manner or a petition is not filed then the case can be time bared. You may think that the firm or that your company is handling the claim and handling it correctly but you don’t know that for sure. You may trust your employer and your employer may have good intentions to do the right thing. Unfortunately, if everything is not done properly and you run into problems down the line you may be out of luck. 

It’s important to have an attorney that is representing your interest look at the paperwork, make sure it’s the correct paperwork, and make sure that your interests are being represented so later on you and your family are not put in a situation where you are not getting benefits that you are entitled to under the law. Attorneys at Schmidt Kramer can help you with this claim. Call them today for a free consultation at (717) 888-8888.