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Clients are Special to Schmidt Kramer


The attorneys at the Schmidt Kramer firm have always emphasized service to the clients. They have a policy to return any phone calls within 24 hours. If a client phone call isn’t returned within 24 hours, the client is entitled to an explanation as to why that didn’t happen. They like to keep the lines of communication always open between the client and attorney so that they always have a current understanding about what is going in their life and in their case. For most people who are in these situations they are situations that their not accustomed to or not familiar with. They are not usually involved in accidents every day and therefore don’t have a good experience base to understand how to handle things that come up about their case. It’s an extremely stressful situation. Most stressful situations have to do with the unknown and this is no exception. Attorneys at Schmidt Kramer are looked at by the client as somebody who is going to help them through this area that they don’t know or have experience in handling. More than likely this area is something they have never navigated through before. Even though the firm handles multiple cases, it’s important to the attorneys that each client feels like it’s their only case and they are very important to them

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