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Are the Consultations Really Free with an Attorney?

One of the biggest misconceptions in hiring an attorney is there are some people who are reluctant to contact a law firm to discuss their case because they think it’s going to cost them money. They think that it’s going to be expensive to have an attorney review their case and give an opinion as to whether they think their situation warrants a case. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer spend a lot of their time in the office talking to people and evaluating their cases. They give them opinions as to whether they think they can help them or don’t think they can help them. A fee is never charged for this consultation. They want to just get to know you and your situation to see if they can help you.  They only earn a fee if your case is taken on and represented.  This is called a contingency basis. It means that their fee is dependent upon their ability to being able to recover money on the client’s behalf. If they don’t recover any money, they don’t earn a fee. Often after the review, the attorneys give the potential client the run down as to the merits of their case, and the likelihood that they will be successful. Sometimes people choose to continue on to the next step and sometimes they decline the representation. Schmidt Kramer fully understands a client’s choice regardless their involvement in their case or not.