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Types of Seat Belt Injuries You Could Sustain When in an Auto Accident

You know that wearing your seat belt could save your life if you are involved in an auto accident while riding around Lancaster. But did you also know that it could injure you? The issues you sustain from wearing a seat belt could create pain and suffering in your life—which is unfair—particularly if you are the victim of the crash.


Seat belts are designed to wrap around occupants tightly, so as to keep them in place should an accident occur. They squeeze even tighter when they feel force against them. This aggressive compression can cause serious bruising wherever the seat belt is situated. For instance, the ribs, collarbone, and shoulder area can become bruised from the shoulder strap, and the lap belt can bruise the abdomen—even cause injuries to your internal organs.


The impact of a collision can cause the seat belt to restrict occupants to help prevent anybody from ejecting out of the vehicle. Sometimes the seat belt squeezes so tight that it can actually break the bones that sit underneath the seat belt. Collarbone and rib fractures are common injuries caused by seat belts.

Although you can become injured by a seat belt, you must still wear one while in a vehicle. Not only can doing so save your life, but it is the law.

If you’ve been injured in a Lancaster auto accident, the attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help. You may be entitled to receive compensation that can help to pay for medical bills and vehicle repairs that are associated with your crash. Contact us today to find out more.

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