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Tips To Avoid Being Carjacked Or From Having Your Car Stolen

Most people are careful when driving.  However, if you encounter a dangerous situation where you may be carjacked or the car stolen here are some useful tips:

To minimize the danger of being carjacked:

  1. First, think of saving your life. Only then, think of your car and what's in it.
  2. If another car bumps your car, stay inside with the windows shut and the door locked and drive to the nearest police or fire station.
  3. Don’t stop at isolated pay phones, cash machines or newspaper machines.
  4. Stay alert to people lurking near or moving toward your parked car.
  5. Always keep the windows of your car shut and doors locked, whether you’re in or out of your car.
  6. Park only in well-lighted areas.

To prevent your car from being stolen:

  1. Keep your registration card in your wallet, not your glove compartment.
  2. Use paint or an indelible marker to put the vehicle identification number (VIN) under the engine hood and trunk lid and on the battery.
  3. Leave personal property in the trunk.
  4. Keep your car in a garage and lock the garage door.
  5. Use a security device like a steering wheel lock or a gear shift column lock.

If your car is stolen, have the following information ready to give to the police:

  1. The year, make, model and color of the car.
  2. The approximate time the car was stolen.
  3. A description of anyone you may have seen loitering around your car before it was stolen.
  4. The names of any witnesses.

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