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What You Need to Know About Repetitive Stress Injuries and Workers’ Comp

Perhaps you work in front of a computer in Lebanon, or are a hair stylist in West Shore. If so, you may experience injuries because of your job duties.

A wide variety of jobs—from office work to retail sales to hard-hat construction and demolition work—require employees to repeat the same types of movements repeatedly over short periods of time. Bodies aren’t made to withstand this kind of motion day after day. A common result is inflammation of muscles and tendons, damage to joints and bones, and chronic stiffness and pain for the worker.

Facts About Repetitive Stress Injuries

Have you been experiencing pain in your hands, fingers, or forearms from typing all day? Is your neck sore from looking up at the ceiling for your inspection or painting job? If so, you may have a repetitive stress injury. Here are a few facts about this common ailment:

  • Repetitive stress injuries make up over 50 percent of all athletic-related injuries that doctors see.
  • Repetitive stress injuries result in huge losses in terms of cost to the workplace.
  • This condition affects body tissue and is caused by repetitive motions, including scrubbing the floor, jogging, lifting objects, grasping vibrating machinery, or bending over.
  • The disorders are made worse by the movements used in daily living.

You May Be Able to Receive Help

The pain and discomfort from a repetitive stress injury can prevent you from being able to perform your job duties, and you may experience financial problems as a result. You may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation, which could help you pay your bills and feel more financially secure while you recover.

The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer have helped those in York, Lancaster, and the surrounding areas to collect workers’ compensation. If you have questions, are thinking about filing, or have already been turned down, contact us today to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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