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Common Causes for Loss of Limbs and the Need for Workers’ Compensation in Harrisburg

You, just like practically everyone else, took having all of your limbs for granted. That is, until you experienced a devastating injury at work that required you to go endure amputation surgery. You replay that fateful day over and over in your head and wonder what you did wrong and how such an accident could happen to you.

You are not alone. Many people suffer from work-related amputations every day. Although the reasons can vary, some are more common than others. Here, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Harrisburg discusses some of reasons for work-related loss of limbs:

Heavy Machinery

Operating heavy machinery is extremely dangerous. A simple mistake or error in judgment can result in a life-threatening injury or fatality. A majority of loss of limb accidents in the workplace are the result of heavy machinery, including plastic processing machines, such as thermo-forming machines. Additionally, presses, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical power, are also often responsible for the injuries.

Tools Used for Cutting

Those who use tools that are used to cut thick material are at risk for becoming seriously injured. For instance, table, band, chop, radial, and miter saws could cause you to lose a limb or require surgery to amputate a body part that is severely injured.

If you were the victim of a loss of limb accident on-the-job, you’ll need the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Harrisburg on your side. If not, you may end up with costly medical bills that can put you in debt—especially when you are unable to work anymore because of your injury.

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