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Did You Suffer From a Preexisting Condition That Was Aggravated by an Auto Accident? Your Case Just Got More Complicated

As we grow older, the likelihood of picking up a few aches and pains along the way is fairly high. In fact, many of us will develop a nagging knee, back, or neck injury during our lives, and may require therapy, medication, or surgery to address the issue and get back to pain-free living.

While the pain may have been alleviated, the problems that you encounter as a result of that injury may not be over. If you are ever involved in a car accident that aggravates or further injures your previous ailment, you may have a difficult time getting compensation for your accident-related injuries.

Can I Be Denied an Injury Claim Based on My Preexisting Condition?

While it may seem criminal for an insurance company to deny you compensation because of a preexisting injury, it is not unusual to encounter extreme resistance and suspicion from claim adjusters. With the goal of settling claims for the lowest amount possible, adjusters are constantly on the lookout for red flags in your claim—and a preexisting injury that has been aggravated is an easy way to argue down your payment by lessening their liability to you.

While it is clear to you that the accident made your preexisting condition worse, you will need to rely on a carefully crafted claim to show that the accident made your condition worse. You will only be able to recover an amount to compensate you for the new damage done, as well as any other new injuries.

Auto injury cases involving preexisting conditions can be very difficult to prove, and you will need considerable resources—such as expert witnesses and professional testimony—to ensure that you receive compensation. By hiring an experienced auto accident injury attorney, you can help ensure that your case will have what it needs to succeed. Call us today to schedule a free consultation, or just click on the live chat link to get started now.

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