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No One Wants to Have to File a Workers' Compensation Claim for Their Teenage Child

One of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life is the day they are hired at their first job. They are finally able to gain a bit of independence from their parents and earn some spending money, or even begin to save for a car. However, teen workers are just as at-risk for being injured at work as their older co-workers are. Employers may work some teens harder because they think their younger bodies can handle it—but this is simply not the case.

Common Jobs and Work Hazards for Teenagers

If your child is about to start their first job this summer, make sure they understand their rights as a member of Pennsylvania's work force. So many young people have no idea about health, safety, and employment law guidelines that must be followed and they need to know when they're being put into a potentially dangerous situation. They also need to be aware of hazards in the specific industry they are working in and how they can avoid them. Some common jobs teenagers have include:

  • Food Service – This could be working at a fast food restaurant, as a bus boy, at an ice cream shop, or the local beach's snack shack. Hazards include slippery floors and hot grills/food/oil.
  • Physical Labor – Some teens prefer jobs that get them outside doing work in the summer, like landscaping, carpentry, working on a farm, or setting up tents for events. Hazards can include the possibility of dehydration/heat stroke, accidents with tools or machinery, falls, and strains or sprains from overexertion.
  • Office Jobs – An office job doesn't generally involve serious physical labor or potential burns from hot food, but there are still hazards involved. Many office workers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and elevated levels of stress.

Although your child is still in school, they could still be eligible for workers' compensation benefits if they are injured at work. Order a completely FREE copy of our book, Who Pays Your Medical Bills When You Are Injured at Work? to learn more.

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