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Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Lawyers

Whether an injury or an illness is keeping you from your job, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are supposed to be there for you when you can no longer work. Unfortunately, a majority of applicants are denied benefits at the initial level and are either too frustrated or intimidated to appeal. The paperwork can be confusing and the process overwhelming—times can seem hopeless.

The good news is that the Pennsylvania Social Security Disability lawyers at Schmidt Kramer are experienced in SSD cases. We can help you through the appeal and will fight to make sure you get the benefits you are owed.

Do I Qualify for Benefits?

There are several injuries and illnesses that can qualify you for Pennsylvania Social Security Disability benefits, including:

  • blindness or deafness
  • breathing problems
  • cancer
  • chronic heart disease
  • extreme psoriasis involving the hands and feet
  • immune system disorders
  • mental disorders
  • multiple sclerosis
  • neurological disorders
  • obesity
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • seizures despite the use of medication
  • other severe medical conditions.

Visit the  Social Security Administration (SSA) Web site to see the complete list of qualifying ailments.

Why Talk to a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

The SSA requires applicants to fill out several documents and go through a complicated and lengthy process in order to receive benefits. This can be overwhelming, and any delay or mistake in your application can result in a denial. In fact, the SSA reports that, on average, more than 60% of applicants are denied at the initial level.

Don’t be denied the benefits you deserve. Hire the Pennsylvania Social Security Disability lawyers from Schmidt Kramer and rest assured that we will do what it takes to get you the money you need.

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