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What to Do If Your Request for Social Security Disability Is Denied Due to One of These Top Mistakes

You eagerly await the day’s mail, anxious for some word about your recent social security disability application. Finally, an official-looking document arrives from the nearest Harrisburg SSDI office. Your heart sinks as you read that one little word—denied.

Why? You have a qualifying injury. You certainly worked enough for it, and you definitely can’t work now. What possible reason could they give for denying your claim? Before you lose heart, keep in mind that more than half of all disability claims for Social Security are denied at the initial stage. Here are three common reasons your claim may have failed to go through.

Incomplete Information

If the agent handling your case is doing a thorough job, he or she should let you know if you are missing information and give you to time to submit the additional documents before stamping your file with that nasty red “denied” stamp. However, that’s not always the way it happens. Sometimes the agent thinks he has all the information when he doesn’t. Other times, he chooses to deny the claim—fully expecting you to get the additional information and appeal the decision.

Lack of Medical Evidence

Just because the Social Security office doesn’t have all the necessary documentation of your injury doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. You might just need a little help gathering all the evidence in preparation for your appeal. This may include getting additional letters of verification from a past or current doctor.

Misplaced Injury

The list of qualifying injuries for Social Security Disability in Pennsylvania is lengthy and complicated. If your initial claim was denied, one possible reason is that you did not list your particular disability under the correct category. Obtaining approval may be as simple as reapplying with the injury labeled under a different section.

There are numerous other reasons why your claim may have been denied. You don’t have to accept this first word as the final answer. Instead, enlist the help of a skilled Harrisburg Social Security Disability attorney to help you fight back.

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