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Having Trouble Receiving Lebanon Social Security Because of Your Back Problem? You’re Not Alone

Your back issue causes you so much pain that you have problems completing everyday tasks—such as walking and bending over. Going to work has become impossible, since you can’t keep up with the demands and the discomfort was unbearable. You’ve heard about Social Security and how it is designed to help people like you make ends meet. Unfortunately, receiving the benefits is difficult, and here’s why:

Back Pain Is Common

One of the biggest reasons people file for Social Security is due to back pain. Because of the popularity, claims examiners are extremely discriminative. Social Security will look over your documents very carefully and then decide if the pain and impairment are that severe that you really can’t work to support yourself.

Your Injury Could Heal

The Social Security Administration wants proof that the pain you feel isn’t caused by a temporary condition. For instance, strains, sprains, and fractures typically heal within a few months time, and those who file because of these conditions will likely receive news they do not qualify for the benefits.

It Boils Down to Your Word

Unfortunately, because so many people file for Social Security when they don’t really need it, claims examiners often go into cases assuming the person isn’t telling the whole truth. Your credibility plays a major factor in the result and you’ll have to prove that you are in fact in need of Social Security.

The legal team of Schmidt Kramer knows that you are suffering and are in need of Lebanon Social Security. We will do all we can to help. Contact us today to discuss your situation with an experienced and compassionate attorney.

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