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Three Things You Should Know Before Applying for Social Security Disability in PA

For the majority of healthy Americans, social security is something they look forward to once they retire. Unfortunately, many people find themselves forced to stop working earlier than expected due to a severe illness or disability. A sudden loss of income can leave you with no way to pay the bills. If you find yourself in that situation, you have every right to request social security disability. Before you apply, here are three things you should know about social security disability:

Paperwork Galore

Applying for social security disability can be a complicated, overwhelming process. It takes considerable time to gather all the necessary information and fill out all of the paperwork. Many people are confused by the multitude of requirements, deadlines and stipulations involved with any one claim.


After hours of work, you finally manage to complete the application. Just when you thought the hard part was done—a red stamp marked “denied” dashed your hopes of any disability benefits. Don’t lose heart if at first you don’t succeed. The Social Security Administration reports that more than half of all people who are eligible for this program are denied at the initial application stage.

Get Help

Whether you are fighting a chronic illness or facing a permanent disability that keeps you from work, you may be eligible to make up a portion of your lost wages through social security disability. For more information on how to apply, or to request a free consultation, call our skilled team of lawyers today at 717-888-8888.

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