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Q: I received documents called "Employee's Report of Benefits" and "Employee Verification of Employment, Self-Employment or Change in Physical Condition" from the Workers' Comp insurance company. Do I have to fill this out?


Yes. These forms are used by the insurance companies as a source of free information. The insurance company will usually send these forms to a Claimant every six months. The insurance company can collect information on whether the injured worker has earned any wages from employment, has become self-employed, or has collected unemployment. Additionally, the insurance company is looking for information as to whether the injured worker's physical condition has improved (likely so the worker can be sent for an IME and eventually taken off of workers' compensation). The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act requires a claimant to complete these forms accurately and return them to the insurance company within 30 days. Failure to return these forms in a timely manner may result in a suspension of wage loss benefits. Additionally, if these forms are completed using false information with intent to defraud, the injured worker may be liable under the fraud provisions of the act.  

The key is to fill these out promptly and accurately. If you have any questions about what must be reported and how you must report it, you should contact a workers' compensation attorney immediately.