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Q: I suffered an injury at work. I now have a scar on my face. The doctor said I was not disabled and I didn't miss any time from work. Are there any benefits I can get from Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation?


Yes, there are workers' comp benefits for which you might be eligible. First off, any reasonable and necessary medical bills incurred as a result of a workplace injury or accident should be paid by your employer's workers' compensation insurance company. Second, you may be entitled to specific loss benefits. Unlike wage loss benefits, specific loss benefits do not require that an injured worker misses time from work. Disfigurement of the head, neck, or face, if serious, permanent, and unsightly may be compensable under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Whether a scar is "unsightly" is a question of fact to be determined by the Workers' Compensation Judge at a hearing on the matter. If you have suffered burning, scarring, or the loss of a body part, specific loss benefits are available under Pennsylvania law.

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