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Q: What is nursing home neglect?


Nursing homes are charged with the duty of providing nursing home residents the care necessary to maintain the resident’s well-being.  Naturally as an elderly nursing home resident ages a person's health components will deteriorate. This is inevitable. However, this not does not mean that a nursing home facility can deprive a nursing home resident of the care necessary to attain their optimum health. If the nursing home does this to you or a loved one, you should consider contacting a Pennsylvania nursing home attorney.

If you have an injury or a loved one is injured or killed in a Central Pennsylvania nursing home which you believe was caused by its negligent, outrageous or reckless conduct, feel free to contact an attorney at Schmidt Kramer who specializes in personal injury and can answer any questions you may have about inadequate care at a nursing home. Don't wait, call (88) 476-0807 now.